Monday, October 16, 2006

Stories Work Better With a Jetta

I came across this ad for VW today (courtesy of Robert's Playground) and had to give it an airing. It's not often I look at an ad and think out loud 'Bloody Hell!'.

In fact, after watching most car ads in this country, I can't remember thinking anything at all!

I know that car ads don't become relevant until you actually decide to buy a car (or as some people in the industry propose - until after you've bought the car and are looking to minimise post purchase dissonance), so I haven't been looking too closely at them lately.

But it seems that there's not a lot of car ads on TV at the moment that project such strong set of emotions and values towards potential new users like this VW ad does. It's a story that grabs you and makes you think.

I suppose what it's trying to project is an attitude of 'go with your instincts'. For a person with a high level of social responsibility where being a wild child is just not possible, sometimes you have to push through and state your claim, albeit in your own understated way.

I can just see a lot of me in that ad. But then again, I'm a VW loyalist so maybe all this ad is doing is minimising my post purchase dissonance.

The only question I have is whether the power of this story is so strong that it vampires the brand?

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