Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Commonwealth Bank of Rubbish

What's going on over at the Commonwealth Bank?

Here's the scenario......

The banks keep reporting record profits year on year. Interest rates keep going up (and banks are quick to take 'em up and slow to take 'em down). Branches are closing and the there's no-one at the window for the ones that are left. They're greedy knobs and not many people like them.

So why not make a stupid ,expensive ad that says nothing, made by idiots, approved by bigger idiots, that does absolutely nothing to address anything. I'd like to know who this ad is meant to be targeting and what they're meant to think about the bank after watching it?

I'll stick with Westpac thanks. Even though they're milking me for profit like everyone else, at least I feel good about the fact that they're helping the environment and spending the profit on something worthwhile. Not million dollar rubbish ad campaigns.