Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's Your Money Ralph

Three posts in three days.......It's a blogging frenzy!!!

This latest Commonwealth Bank campaign got me thinking.....how far off the mark are these guys and what really is a relevant insight for a banking customer?

And do you have to employ an american ad agency and feature the bloke who directed Transformers to bring that insight to life?

Maybe the client got sucked into the typical ad agency hype about how an ad has to be funny for it to be effective. I've had this shoved in my face so many times without any insight back to how the target is likely to respond to it in the context of what the brand is trying to say.

So here's the thing. 20 years ago the State Bank of Victoria created an amazing campaign that worked it's way into the vernacular with four words - "It's your money Ralph".

Two actors on a couch, with a newspaper prop, well directed and well written.

It's not funny. It's just true. And it struck a major chord.

Guess which bank owns the State Bank of Victoria now?

Monday, June 09, 2008

The Triple M of Blogs


I've made it onto the top 50 marketing blogs in Australia, even though I've spent much of 2008 talking about advertising to my mates rather than blogging it.

So even though my site was described by a fellow blogger as being on 'life support', I'd prefer to think of it as the Triple M of Aussie marketing blogs....not a whole lot of new stuff, but heaps of classics that go back through the years!

And no ads....just 136 blog posts IN A ROW!

Anyway, who says a blog needs to be updated every day or week. There's only so much interesting new news out there. With all the advertising theories, strategies, models, principles bla bla bla, I'm still trying to work out how to make an effective 30 second tv ad!

Thanks to Julian Cole for putting together the whole shebang.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Which Insight?

So the Commonwealth Bank campaign has continued on from it's launch in February. There was a lot of speculation about whether it was genius which would lead to an amazing campaign that would help separate it from the other banks and really lead it forward.

So I guess it's now safe to say what it really is.

And it's still shit.

It all seems a very expensive way of getting across a simple message without any depth whatsoever, wrapped up in an insight that...um....I think has something to do with Americans not really understanding Australians.

But it's late at night and maybe I'm not thinking very hard about it.

I wonder if the consumer could be bothered to?