Sunday, October 15, 2006

Happy or Not With Not Happy Jan?

It's always interesting for a marketer when you're managing a brand and have one of the best ads ever made sitting in the bank. Everyone loves the Yellow Pages "Not Happy Jan"...

With something as strong as this, even though it's quite old now, what do you do?

Should the idea be carried through? And for how long?

If the brand is known for being creative in it's output then is it better to continue with fresh creative work or continue with the same idea? I always keep getting a laugh from my favourite campaign ever - Bud Light's Real Men of Genius. And that's the same idea re-told time and time again.

At the same time I always looked forward to a new Yellow Pages ad.

I think there's legs in 'Not Happy Jan'. It's part of the venacular now and probably an office catchcry when it's time to submit the ad. There's no reason you couldn't transplant the same idea in today's version of Yellow Pages. I wonder it we'll ever see Jan and her boss again?

On a slightly different note, Yellow Pages is in the process of rebranding to simply Yellow. It's a very different proposition to Not Happy Jan, which was all about reminding businesses to place their yearly ad in the Yellow Pages.

I really like the new campaign, and they've obviously done the right thing given the amount of online (and mobile) searching that happens nowdays versus the good old paper flicking method. And when a brand can own a device as powerfully as this, in this case the colour yellow, it makes sense to milk it.

There's a nice energy to this ad. Not one spoken word either. Good to see someone's taken a leaf from the iPod stuff.

Yellow needs to assert itself in this positioning territory, because there's a pretty decent brand by the name of Google that could probably become the local Yellow Pages for the new generation, if they're not already.

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