Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Kit Kat's Own Goal

Geez I laughed when I saw this ad for Kit Kat (literally 5 minutes ago). Apparently a big hit on YouTube as well (over 40,000 views). It's the kind of ad that helps the brand stick firmly and positively in my mind.

I saw a Kit Kat ad on TV lately here in Sydney and wondered whether they'd over-thought the strategy to death all the way down the S-bend. For some reason the 'Have a Break. Have a Kit Kat' positioning has been thrown out the window. They spend half the ad talking about how good they've been at innovating with their line extensions, over what's meant to be some really cool, but ultimately really crap animation. I think they're trying to be cool but failing miserably. Nothing is holding this brand together anymore.

With all the Kit Kat line extensions coming out, I would have thought that 'Have a Break' would be the glue. Kit Kat owns it and it still has creative legs. The World Cup ad from the UK above shows you can still be creative and funny with it.

It seems like they've dumped it because it was too hard to force fit the line extensions into it, rather than build a brand around an ownable proposition which has served them well over 20 years and would probably keep going for another 20 more.

Does anyone know why they've moved away from it?

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