Friday, September 29, 2006

Guinness. It's Nothing For You.

Have beer brand? CHECK

Grand Final Weekend? CHECK

Got spare media budget for ad-hoc tactical? CHECK

Get to finally excite agency creatives? CHECK

Have an idea? Umm...

This was on the back page of the Sydney Morning Herald Sports section yesterday.

I'm not sure what it does for Guinness except bring it back to the pack of everyday beer brands. You could plonk any old beer brand behind that lame headline.

Surely there is a quality point of difference in this brand?

The whole "good things take time" thing hasn't been seen for ages in Australia, although I think they're still running with the whole Evolution campaign back in the UK. What's wrong with a brilliantly unique message like that?

Lastly, if you're talking to a Sydney audience, why not at least offer some confidence that the Swans are gonna win? Is Guinness behind us Sydney dudes or not?

Anyway, of course we'll win. Because we have Adam Goodes. Go Swannies!!


Anonymous said...

They've got these ads as metrolites at tram and bus stops all over Melbourne.

Talk about a hack job job 'Hey Junior team, wanna work on the Guinnes account'.

Does nothing more than devalue their brand - shame really because it's such a good account.

Vando said...

Thanks for the Melbourne eyes Adam. Geez, it makes even less sense for them to be running it down there.

Surely there's something in there about how good things take time. Surely it will taste pretty damn good when a Melbourne team finally win another flag one day!!

(and I'm allowed to say this being a Melbourne boy and a Hawks fan but there's been nothing much to cheer about there for a long long long time)

Anonymous said...

Well, after a close game the Hawks have it. I doubt they're downing a Guiness a though. Probably a Carlton.