Sunday, September 24, 2006

Flashbeer in Double Bay

The Golden Sheaf in Double Bay was getting pretty full yesterday in readiness for the West Cost v Adelaide game to come up on the big screen. Everyone was having a yarn, a drink, a perve...usual pub stuff.

Then Carlton Draught's new Flashbeer ad came on the screen. Everyone stopped, and looked, and just got absorbed in the ad. Heaps of people were laughing and everyone stood there and enjoyed the whole30 or 45 seconds of it or whatever it is.

The great thing about this ad is that there was hardly any sound in the pub. Despite the lack of audio, the ad was great at getting people drawn in. I reckon if you can make an ad work without the sound you've just doubled the chances of it getting into someone's head.

My guess is that next time they're up at the bar deciding between VB, New and Carlton, they'll go with the brand that made them all feel prety good for 30 seconds and made them laugh. And I'm not talking about the ad where they're flinging donkeys into the air which makes no sense whatsoever and has nothing to do with Tooheys New.

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