Sunday, September 17, 2006

Back Pocket Boot Scooting

When you're running a gym and members are paying $80 a month for the privilege, how do you extract more from their back pocket?

Just take the concept of exercising indoors (which is kinda the idea of a gym), put it outside, take away all overheads like rent and expensive equipment, give everyone a $5 T-shirt and have someone yell at them. And charge them top dollar for the honour.

Boot Camp. It's utterly brilliant marketing!

Fitness First have been setting us up for years beforehand to go down this track Probably unintentionally but it's done the job.....

Firstly, they've trained their staff for years not to do anything. Every time I go to Fitness First, there's always 25 staff members walking around and not one has ever offered any word of advice or action to make my visit more beneficial.

When I first joined, I would have thought my $1000 per year would mean some kind of involvement from the staff. But after a while, you know that will never happen.

The expected becomes nothing and nothing becomes the expected.

Now, they offer sessions where the staff can help you, for a fee of course.

It's clever marketing but deep down it somehow feels a bit wrong.

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Anonymous said...

I prefer to refer to them as 'Fees First'.

Biggest rip off of a fitness chain ever.