Sunday, December 24, 2006

More Barry Dawson - The Cougar

Like Warney to the MCG, Barry Dawson is by far the biggest bringer of people to The Jason Recliner. My post on these ads a month ago is still bringin' em in.

I had a link to all the ads on YouTube, but they got taken down. But at least you can see now them at the Barry Dawson web site.

It's a great site, too bad you can't find the bloody thing. When you type in "Barry Dawson Cougar" into Google, The Jason Recliner comes up fourth. The official site is nowhere to be seen. It's clearly adopted Barry Dawson's ancient art of invisibleness.

Even when you type "Cougar Bourbon" into Google, the art of invisibleness is again mastered.

There's also a Myspace site

Surely whoever did this, assuming it was George Patts Y&R, can get the thing up near the top of Google somehow. It looks like they've got a winner on their hands.

And if anyone from Fosters reads this, they can thank me for sending all this traffic to their sites by sending me a Boony doll.

Barry Dawson kicks back in his own version of The Jason Recliner

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