Saturday, December 23, 2006

Cazaly & The Snowman

Sometimes you hear a piece of music that just blows you away. And then you get some visuals which take it to a new level.

Kinda like hearing "Up There Cazly" for the first time and watching Jezza take that screamer in the film clip.

I'd never seen The Snowman before until I saw it over at Doug's. Thanks Doug. The first song in this is just amazing.

Merry Christmas from The Jason Recliner


Doug said...

glad you like it mate. it's in a quintessential part of my (and most brits in their late 20s early 30s) christmas. pure magic. try and dig out the full cartoon if you ever get a chance. superb.

merry xmas!!

Vando said...

I think I'll try and do that Doug.

I found something else today which is quintissentially Australian during the hot summer months. A stark contrast to snowmen and christmas and snow, which I think I'll put it up tomorrow.


Unknown said...

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