Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Would You Let Your Brand Pash a Granny?

What would you do to win the 'Ultimate Boys Weekend'?
  • Would you share an ice bath in the middle of the streets with mates?
  • Would you lick your car clean?
  • Would you pash your 80 year old grandmother?

At least Galliano haven't fallen into the trap of trying to be everything to everybody.

With their latest campaign (www.gallianostuntguys.com), they're very clearly targeting the 18-25 year old male who likes push the blokey boundaries from time to time. Welcome to Galliano's new target market.

In essence, it's a nice idea. The Customer Made aspect would be key to a niche brand like Galliano to drive cut through and engagement in a crowded market.

Yet I imagine it would be a difficult brief.....how do you reposition the brand from it's rather pompous high ground so that when it's time for shots with the boys at 10pm, Galliano is the drink of choice? And how much of the premium values of the brand do you try and retain? It looks to be none at all.

I just wonder whether Galliano wants to be the Jackass of spirits? After all, when Johnny Knoxville finishes up work for the day after shoving crocodiles up his arse, I reckon he'll be sitting in the coolest bars in LA surrounded by leggy blondes.

So whilst the likely strategic insight of risk-taking for improved social status looks ok, the campaign has forgotten the emotional payoff.

It leaves you with an aftertaste that's too much like Benny Hill and not enough like Benny Sherman to me.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you... How does a drink with a bad after taste tackle an already hectic market?

I think the jackass of drinks has already been done, although this "Galliano Stunt Guys" seems to give it a fresh approach.

I think the key to more bottles sold instead of more hits on their website is developing an image that is not only remembered when your drinking with the boys at the pub/club late at night, but wanting it over and over again!

Ever heard of Yaga Bombs?

Salmon said...

We would have done better if we had more time. We got told about the event 3-4 days before so no-one could get work/time off...

Would you do any of the stunts?

Vando said...

Gidday guys, thanks for dropping in.

Great work on the glad wrap dance - my vote is in!

Cool site Ryan by the way. That's an awesome blog community you guys have got happening.
I think you're spot on with your point about developing the right image for the brand.....it is a tough one tho.

There's a lot of alcohol advertising which has that fluffy, over-produced image based approach (eg Baileys) and I'm not sure that's going to get a whole of traction, so at least Galliano is getting some active involvement from the punters in their brand.

I've got a mate who is into the yaga bombs and they're pretty good and quite deadly.

Salmon, I don't reckon I'd do the stunts....just be one of those spectators. It's the Jackass DVD rental for me only.

Hey, good luck with the comp fellas.

Anonymous said...

I hear Jim Beam has jumped on an untouched goldmine... the "Jim Beam Bourbon Week" should be a good hit with the alcohol drinkers of today!

I love the way they take their approach with the Jim Beam ads being "good mates" and "good times" driven. They also capture the Aussie blokes attention quickly with the small investment of promo girls wearing those recognisable skimpy outfit and cowboy hat!

Cheap... but effective!