Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Faces of Olay

I was watching Celebrity Survivor the other day, thinking how Imogen Bailey looks decidedly ordinary without lots of make-up and an airbrush (Gabrielle Richens is a different story - she still looks tremendous).

Then I saw Nicolle Dickson, former Home and Away star and now bonafide supermum. Well, she's really only just a mum but women on TV who have children somehow find it easier making the transition to supermum. Whilst she seems a nice enough person, she' probably not who you'd call a good looking women.

Some of my more discerning friends would even go so far as to call her pretty damn ugly.

I suppose that's what Survivor does - it strips the competitors of life's luxuries and we see people looking rugged, natural and wild. So if you're not that good looking to start off with, Survivor's gonna make you look like a penniless derelict.

So how come Olay is sponsoring Survivor, and using Nicolle Dickson as the face of the brand. Am I missing something here? Isn't Olay meant to make you look younger and better looking?

Notice who the blokes are looking at? And it's not the face of Olay.

Compare this to one of Olay's 'brand ambassadors', Deborah Hutton, featured on their web site. Deborah looks brilliant and I can't ever imagine her signing up for a show which shows her looking like a hobo on Gilligans Island. She probably looks fantastic whenever she steps out in public. Olay Olay!

I have to admit, even I use Olay. It's a great product. I'm clearly not the target (and like Nicolle, not god's greatest gift either). But it apparently helps with the 7 signs of ageing, even though I reckon there is an 8th one which has something to do with way too much alcohol consumption on a friday night at the Opera Bar.

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