Saturday, September 02, 2006

Lleyton Hewitt Theory

I was thinking about Lleyton Hewitt the other day. Not in a sexual way, of course (he lost all his sex appeal when he shaved off his mullet). He cops such a bad rap here in Australia and nobody really seems to like him.

I can understand why. He's bold and brash, supremely confident, wise in a street smart way, questions and challenges those in authority, and seems to be quite self centred. He just happens to be a great tennis player.

And then I thought about all those Australians who I travelled with in Germany...thousands of them. They all had exaclty the same characteristics as those described above. The only difference is that they were just football fans, not a Top 10 tennis player.

I was talking to an Aussie student in the bar last night about my Lleyton theory....

Me: "I don't mind Lleyton."
Male student from Melbourne Uni: "Yeah but he hasn't got a humble bone in his body"
Me (sounding like a letter writer to the Telegraph): From what I've seen, a lot of Aussie guys who are 20-25 aren't very humble"
Male student: "Well I'm definitely not humble! (he wasn't). I still don't like him though."

What happened to being humble? Has it disappeared? Has it just been kicked to the side by those 20-somethings and been replaced by the Super-Confident Stuff Everyone Else Attitude?

Was I like that? Or am I just getting old?

Anyway, all this begs the question. Is Lleyton Hewitt the epitomy of twenty-something Australian males? As much as we despise him, are we just recoiling at the ugly truth?

As a marketer, I think it's sometimes important to remember who our Aussie male target really is. So when it comes to responding to advertising, they might think and act a bit differently to the witty ad from a 26 year old English copywriter who's been living in Bondi for 2 years and who over-uses the word "brilliant".

It's something I'll be keeping in mind if I ever get to do some strategic planning for the relaunch of the Chiko Roll or a Holden Ute.

Lleyton often gets motivated for the big points by imagining himself eating a giant Chiko Roll and thrusting it into his forehead

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