Monday, September 04, 2006

Pink Bits

Most brands that are marketed to everyone tend to do it pretty poorly. Think of all the consumer electronic brands (Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, LG etc) that are so big and broad and conservative that they all blend into one another.

There are probably some exceptions though. For instance, I'm a bit confused as to where Mount Franklin is taking their brand. It used to be a brand for everyone, and I don't really see a reason why it couldn't be marketed that way.

Unlike consumer electronics where no-one dominates, Mount Franklin owns the bottled water category in this country. But now it seems half the population is being told to look for another brand of water. Why start niching at this stage of the brand's life? What's the threat?

First there was the Elaine-dancing, giggling woman campaign......

Now comes a new initiative where Mount Franklin is getting involved in the National Breast Cancer Foundation. For the next 2-3 months, Mount Franklin caps will be hot pink.

This is certainly a fantastic cause, but from a pure branding perspective, I can't see many guys reaching into the fridge and going for the gay water.

Strategically there are some questions about what this will do for Mount Franklin's brand image longer term. From a substituion perspective, the other water option in the Coca-Cola/CCA stable is Pump - a brand that's really struggled to position itself clearly over the past couple of years. Is it urban badge value? Or sweatbox partner? Whilst they're making up their mind, blokes might be looking around the fridge for a water brand that's talking to them.

Other bottled water brands are probaby starting to get a little turgid 'round about now.

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