Monday, September 18, 2006

Boot Camp Line Extensions

Boot Camp is based on the mindset that to get really fit, someone needs to be there to push you further. As the Fitness First web site explains.....
  • There is nowhere to hide out there.
  • Your instructor always knows if you are slacking off.
  • Your instructors don't only challenge you physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.
A leading personal trainer from Brisbane I met says the key insight is not just the actual fitness part, but that it allows people to say to other people that they've done Boot Camp or have a personal trainer. It's the image it projects of them being a vital, proactive person who is physically and mentally superior.

Some people I know swear by it. Personally I find someone yelling at me quite demotivating. I can motivate myself pretty easily.

But what if we take this insight further. If Boot Camp is a means to a physical and emotional end state, then the army/nazi trainer style is only one means to this end. They key is getting people out there in the first place, so they can say to their friends they've done it.

Which begs the question.....

What other opportunities exist on the Needscope model when it comes to the attitudes and mindsets towards Boot Camp style training? And what are the means to address these?

Here's a few possible line extension randoms....

Allies Boot camp
Concept: Nazi Free Boot Camp.
Emotional driver: "I'm stronger mentally than other people 'cos I don't need someone else to get me fired up for fitness"

Big Red Shoe Camp
Concept: Wiggle Boot Camp for Kids
Emotional driver: "My kid's certainly not part of the obesity problem"

Camp Camp
Concept: Self explanatory
Emotional driver: "We already look better than everyone else so this is clearly an elite group!"

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