Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Drama of Football

The World Cup was a huge hit here in Australia because people finally understood why the game is so magnificent.

It's not just two teams slugging it out (rugby league) and/or great ahtleticism (AFL) and/or lots of big tackles (fishing and wrestling). It's because of the drama. You can't beat it when a Frenchman headbutts an Italian, or an Englishman stomps on a Portugese players cods, or Viduka continues to prove he can't score a goal at international level. OK, you can beat that last one.

The key insight here is because football delivers amazing drama. No other sport can touch it. It is theatre at it's finest. Last season's Ashes had it, but try and remember the last test series between anyone that had it as well?

Fox Sports has picked this insight in one, and delivered a fantastic campaign....The best drama happens on the field.

Not only that, it's the first click through ad on the SMH web site I've ever clicked on. And Tim Cahill is shockingly superb!

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