Saturday, March 10, 2007

My Weird Twin Brother

This is a bit strange.

I've discovered the Jason Recliner is being replicated over at something called antoffthehook.

It's like I've just found my weird twin brother who's kind of ugly and a bit stupid and doesn't make a lot of sense.

I wonder if this post will be replicated word for word as well?


Stanley Johnson said...

At first I thought it might be Vando's very own Sacrum.

But then I noticed the posting dates. That is sooo weird!

How did you discover this thought thief?

Unknown said...

That's so wierd! How did you find it? (I realize this is exactly what Stan just wrote, but I thought it was fitting to copy this time)Seriously though, bizzare.

Vando said...

I came across it googling something that also appeared in my blog, and realised it was pointing to another site. I bookmarked it to see if the posts were still being added and remembered it again the other day.

No idea who it is.

Unless I'm blogging in my sleep??

Anonymous said...

it'll be a spammer, nicking your stuff and just trying to boost their SEO or ad revenues