Sunday, March 04, 2007

Eating Sports Cars

So you're the marketer of a 4WD and you have a tricky one on your hands.

You know one of the main reasons people buy 4WD's is so that when they're in an accident with another car, it's gonna be the other car that comes off worse.

This insight is even more powerful for new mums. Mums who have a lot of money. Mums who live in suburbs like Mosman. Mums who drive approx 3km each day to and from their kids school.

So how do you communicate the truth of that insight? The insight that if you're in a bad accident with another car, then the other person will probably be killed rather than you and your kid because you have a 4WD?

Here's how Ford Territory are doing it....eating other cars for breakfast. Pretty clever.

And yeah, I know that the voiceover is talking about turbo. But when you watch it without sound the visuals are telling another story altogether.

Click here for the ad


Unknown said...

This is one funny video ad of a Ford car eating sports cars for breakfast. Good One!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I think your looking too deep into for Ford Territory TURBO's ad. It's simple. Ford is marketing the Territory Turbo as a sports 4WD. Ford want to show that the Territory is better than sports cars, since they can't show 'irresponsible' driving, they find a metaphor-eat sports cars for breakfast-sell it to the consumers, so Ford can sell Territory Turbos.


Vando said...

Yep, you're right....I was probably over thinking this one. Interesting theory nonetheless.