Thursday, December 28, 2006

Pricelessness has it's Price

Mastercard did a great job with their first tactical ad when we won the Ashes.

Then things started to do downhill when this appeared a couple of days later. And somehow the agency managed to convince them that because the idea is so ordinary, that it will take not one, but two full page ads in the SMH to work!

Then it got even worse. In this one, they haven't even used the glue that that whole idea is built around.

And it just looks crap. If you're gonna advertise a premium card, at least make it look like a premium ad. This just ain't attractive.

And is it really gonna make me change my credit card?

There must be something in the research that says it's ok to bag the living crap out of the poms when we're kicking their arse.

I reckon there's a difference between doing it to your pommy mates down the pub and having some corporate third party shoving it in their face.

They might want to remember that there's an awful lot of them living here, and a lot travelling around buying the paper every day (there's not a whole lot of choice here in Sydney, remember).

So whilst these ads might get Mastercard another 100 new users, they're probably pissing off another 10,000 current users.

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