Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Coke in Africa - Part 1

Lake Victoria, Tanzania

Our campsite today is on the banks of Lake Victoria, a huge lake that extends across to Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. The setting is more like a beach than a lake camp. We set up our tents and had a game of touch rugby on the sand, before settling back to work on the tan and drink a few Kilimanjaro's. As thier slogan says, "If you can't climb it, Drink it!" Sounds like good advice to me. These beers know their target audience!

There are lots of giant Coke cans here in Tanzania. Every 10km or so you will see a giant, often dilapidated, Coke can peering out amongst the run down grocery outlets and rubbish piles.

In Tanzania, Coke have taken upsizing to the extreme with their new 367 gallon variant

Coke have got another good plan in place here. Every hotel and store is signposted with a sign out front, obviously erected and paid for by Coke. Half of the sign is the Coca Cola sign. The other half is the name of the place - Welcome Hotel. Karibu Hotel. Jambo Hotel. Pepsi is nowhere to be seen.
No shop is too crappy to have a Coke sign

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