Friday, June 30, 2006

Vodafone Supercats

There's some great examples of marketing as I'm making my way around the world. One of the best I've seen so far has been in the Greek Islands. It's a bit of a time consuming task getting between the islands, except when you're on one of the super-fast, super-modern jetcats.

There's four of them all up, and they're covered head to toe with the Vodafone logo. You can spot them when you're on the beach, or high up on an island hill, cutting through the ocean with a powerful force. They're the quickest, most comfortable and most modern way to get around.

This is relevant branding. Vodafone has single mindedly linked themselves with a vehicle that conveys a lot of the sharp attributes the brand wants to stand for. And not a competitive logo in sight.

Compare this to an AV Jennings or ANZ sign hanging around the fence at a Swans v Crows game at the SCG. Plus the other 200 brands all fighting for attention in the same space. And most people tend to just watch the footy.

A complete waste of money and totally irrelevant to the environment. Unless of course you're the Managing Director of one of those companies and you get to drink expensive beers and noodles out of paper boxes behind glass windows every second week. Then I suppose it makes sense to spend the money.

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