Sunday, February 11, 2007

In the Margins

I was in a bar the other week waiting for someone and decided to do something else besides bury my head in my mobile phone trying to look busy when I'm really just sending meaningless text messages to friends for fear of being seen as a lonely loser in a bar.

So I pick up this street mag called Lifelounge, whose theme last month was 'Tight".

I remember growing up reading Mad Magazine and Cracked comics, where the margins of the magazine used to contain jokes. I forgot all about this until I started reading Lifelounge.

On every page there's a bit of a smartarse comment in the margins around the 'tight' theme.

It's an interesting little space I haven't seen too many advertisers in, and certainly not in the mainstream mags. Maybe there's printing limitations to doing it, but if not, maybe this represents some kind of opportunity?

If nothing else, at least I get to show the picture of the half shaved llama, or whatever that thing is.


Stanley Johnson said...

Believe it or not, Lifelounge is an agency in Melbourne.

Well kind of an agency. More a youth marketing kinda thing.

Just down the road from where I live.

Their website's always worth a look to keep up with what the kids are up to etc.


Anonymous said...

Nice catch. We've done some stuff similar to this placing ads in the margins of TV listings pages. It's the only place in magazines where you know that a reader will be seeing something on a given day (since they are looking at that day's listings) and plus they're likely to be in their lounge watching the box too so if you're really clever you use that thought. If you're interested, there's a case study on this here

Like the new recliner by the way.

Stanley Johnson said...

Love the new recliner mate. Does it have cupholders in the armrests?

Vando said...

Yep. Also a velcro remote control section hanging off the side, rear vision mirrors and airbags.

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