Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Big Ad

Carlton Draught's big ad (www.bigad.com.au) has been discussed on a number of advertising related blogs.

A lot of people like it, and some don't. Some talk about it being a rip off of BA ads, or they don't find it funny, or whatever.

Not many have pointed to the fact that about 1 million people have taken 3 minutes of their time to go and watch an ad. As a marketer, it's a dream come true. People avoid advertising - it gets in the way of their lives, it bombards them wherever they go, and a lot of it is crap. But here, people are going out of their way to watch an ad. Fantastic!

As for me, I had a Carlton Draught the other day in the pub instead of Tooheys New. First one for years. Tasted pretty good to me.

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