Monday, January 08, 2007

How to Be a 30% Better Marketer

OK....enough of these twee nostalgia ads I've been churning out recently.
Let's get physical. Physical. I wanna get physical.

Why are some companies better marketers than others?

I've talked in the past about how good Sanitarium seem to be doing things smarter than the competition. From clever use of sponsorship, to good viral activity, to smart segmentation of product offerings.

But what if they had an upper hand? And I'm not talking about Jesus.

What if they could afford the best people in the industry by paying them 30% more?

What if they could buy their media 30% more effectively than their competition?

What if they made their ads 30% cheaper than everyone else?

What if they could bid 30% more than the competition for the services of Brett Lee and Tim Cahill?

What if they could promote their products 30% deeper than their competition in Coles and Woolworths?

Well, they can.

Because Sanitarium, a $330 milion dollar business, is wholly owned by the Seventh Day Adventist Church and is except from tax in Australia, according to this, and this, and this artice in BRW.

The Foo Fighters give me some kind of divine inspiration when I'm in the gym.

The lyrics and music of Josh Rouse have gotten me through some ordinary times.

I donate to charity and am even thinking of growing a mo' next November.

But I'm not expecting John Howard to give me a tax break any time soon. So why do Sanitarium get one?

The Foo Fighters tried 30% less equipment but just ended up sounding like the Beatles


Anonymous said...

It's crazy isn't it??

As someone who used to work on Kellogg's they drive me a little mad. They do have good ideas, they (or their agencies) do understand brands, but they also don't play fair....

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