Sunday, January 28, 2007

XXXXing Beach Cricket

It seems Peter Roebuck is not too keen on XXXX Gold's Beach Cricket program.

He slams it in his SMH article. "Beach cricket is silly", he says.

Well Robes, it probably is in Somerset, but not out here.

He says it's just wrong because after laying the boot into Warney's personal life again, he says 'Cricket needs all the dignity it can muster".

Is this the same Peter Roebuck who was found guilty of common assault by teaching three schoolboys some cricket discipline by getting them to bend over and paddle them with a cane. Now that's dignity!

Worse still, he has the nerve to call bloody legends like Allan Border and Richie Richardson ' cavorting pensioners'. Steady on Robes, no-one is getting any younger. Plus everyone has this thing called rent to pay.

Cricket legends with airbrushed anti-beer guts

So whilst Peter is busy pontificating his way through another pompous SMH cricket article, other people are out there earning a living including those marketers who are trying to sell some XXXX.

All my mates and I have tuned in at some stage and given it a look. We all love cricket, the beach, the past legends. It's a talking point for sure.

What Roebuck probably doesn't realise, or care about, is that the actual beach cricket event probably only provides about 1/3 of the campaign's total impact.

The rest of it came in the lead up - the TV ads, the print ads, the leverage the Lion Nathan field force had with the liquor outlets leading up to the event etc. New news for the brand, with a clear point of difference, in peak sales time. Nice work.

Beach cricket is good. Now beach volleyball.....that's a silly sport.

XXX have clearly looked at my Male Planners Guide before coming up with this


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