Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Shagging a Creative Idea

Why is it that it's always the same old brands doing all the innovative, out of the box stuff?

The Nike's, Adidas', and Virgin's of the world.

Is it because they're just more creative marketers?

Is it because their consumers demand it?

Is it because their agencies are better at highlighting the need to do this for their brands?

I don't think their consumers are demanding it at all. Everything is manufacturer driven. If technology advancements stopped right now forever, everyone would probably be pretty happy. Do we really need another fragrance of air freshener (though I still reckon the air freshener brands should be looking at co-branding opportunities)?

So if some brands can force innovative product solutions alongside innovative communication techniques upon the consumer, why can't other brands? I don't think you'd get an argument from the agencies about doing this type of stuff. So whose job is it to educate the marketing teams about the need to develop creative and emotionally binding campaigns for their brands?

The Marketing Director?
The ad agency? The planner?
Your mum?

I think if agencies are the experts in advertising, as they claim every week in Adnews and B&T, then it's their role. The Brand Manager is too busy chasing up R&D trying to get the next 14 biscuit prototypes into the 4th round of quant research.

If I walk up to a girl in a bar and ask her straight away to sleep with me, she'll probably say no. Just like a lot of truly great creative ideas get knocked back straight away. The client's thinking "I'm not familiar with you. Yeah, you look nice but I need to know you better and feel more comfortable around you before I start shagging you"

But what if the girl got to know how good this really creative and different bloke was? Maybe his friends are telling her about what a great catch he is and why, and tell her lots of great stories that break down the level of discomfort. Stories that help her imagine what it would be like to be in the shoes of one of the characters in his stories.

Maybe one day she might hop into bed with him.

Anyway, here's what Adidas did during the World Cup in different locations around Germany. Not only was it great creative, it got lots of PR.

The Adidas version of the Sistine Chapel in Cologne's central railway station...

Full 360 version here

German goalie Oliver Kahn. I actually went under this when I flew out of Munich during my world cup visit (and could see right up his pants)...

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