Thursday, July 03, 2008

Got Chicken?

Inghams seem to be a bit confused here as to whether to sell the benefits of their own product (versus fresh chicken I suppose) or to sell the chicken category.

Surely they'd be better off selling their own product rather than doing a job for Woolies, KFC, Nando's etc.

And surely the main thrust of the brief isn't to sell more chicken in Australia? Is it???

If so, maybe this whole campaign is about driving chicken consumption so they sell more of their chooks wholesale to everyone else around the country, using their branded product as the vehicle to deliver the message.

Meat and Livestock keep coming up with great campaigns to drive category consumption, and I know which I'd pick as the better piece of marketing. Apart from 17 year old boys, I can't see anyone else logging on to

When you look at the way the Meat & Livestock Association has marketed beef and lamb over the last 10 years, it' s been outstanding. And this campaign always gives me a good feeling about buying meat.

David Thomasen talking about meat marketing

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