Monday, February 26, 2007

That Orange Square Thing

Last year when I had way too much time on my hands, I noticed everyone had that little orange Feedburner thing on their blogs.

It looked pretty cool.

So I headed over there to Feedburner, read all about it, and signed up and got one as well.

But I have to admit, I have absolutely no fucking idea what it actually does.


Anonymous said...

Vando ... you inspired me so I decided to get one of these orange squares myself!

I have had FeedBlitz sitting way down there on my sidebar for ages and I had about 5 people sign up. Finally someone complained about not having a decent feed linkage ... and after your post I investigated FeedBurner. It works much better!

Let me know if you haven't got it all figured out ... I can share my tips!

Anonymous said...

Hey Vando. I have actually used this button to subscribe to your blog's feed. I'm a feedburner RSS subscriber, and have often read your posts via the feed, so I guess thanks are in order for downloading it...

Vando said...

Cool, it does have a purpose then!

I tend to use the old fashioned method of the pop-in.
Which is like when I was growing up and mum and dad and the family used to jump in the car on sunday arvo's and drive around to friends place unannounced - the pop in.

And if no-one was home, we'd just jump back in the car and try someone else.

I guess it was the old fashioned way to blog.

It's disappeared these days. Friends want to know 21 days in advance that you're coming over so they can clean the bejesus out of the house first!

I reckon there's a blog post in there somewhere.

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