Sunday, February 04, 2007

Shiny Happy People

Can you make someone feel like this?

I'm not sure if I can. Absolutely not in a business sense, unless I offer them an electric shock with each purchase.

The only other time someone may have come close is on a more intimate level which is clearly not an appropriate discussion for the PG rated Jason Recliner.

Even if I could make someone this happy in business, I'm not sure I'd like it.

I've done some pretty good powerpoint presentations in my time, but if someone in the meeting reacted like this I'd be ducking for cover and whispering the words 'Stress Management' to the nearest manager.

But if you do possess this amazing skill, then forget about earning the millions you probably would elsewhere and, as the back of this avant card outlines, go and work for the St George bank behind the counter.


Stanley Johnson said...

Judging by the washing hanging up in front of the "house" I'd say that's a stock shot. Curse of contemporary advertising as a result of the internet.

Back when when you had to flick through thick books to look for shots, then ring up and physically order them it was all a bit of an effort.

Nowadays you simply go online, search "haapy women" in Getty and download a pic you like.

However, based on my time working on HSBC I'd say the agency has a couple of stock discs that they bought for the client which they use for small scale jobs like this.


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