Saturday, July 28, 2007

Second Life is Weird

The other day I checked out Second Life and I reckon it's plain weird.

And it's full of weirdo's. They're probably all normal people in the real world but the whole thing seems a bit too bizarre - all these strange looking things running and flying around the place.

Is it me or is it all just a bit sad?

There's not one part of me that would prefer to converse with a cartoon figure who looks like a cross between Michael Jackson and the tooth fairy over going to a friends place for a glass of wine and a yak or heading to the pub.

I know there's a bunch of advertising agencies and companies and whoever else building a presence in Second Life, and for some brands it probably makes sense.

Now that I'm back in the real world of FMCG business and selling products on the client side rather than on the advertising side, Second Life doesn't get doesn't get much of a look in.

A couple of months ago we had an off site where 3 or 4 agencies presented an online update to all the marketing team. Everyone was talking about the phenomenon that is Second Life.

It's the agencies job to know about that so fair enough.

And maybe one day 38 year old mums with kids will be frittering their day away talking to alien things on Second Life, but right now a $100k investment will get me 2 weeks of advertising to a million people in Adelaide and for now I'll take that thanks.


Anonymous said...

I agreee. Second life was weird. After finagling with it for 2 hours, I decided I like regular reality rather than a virtual one and deleted it from my computer.

Anonymous said...

haha yeah i agree... the first 2 hours were so much fun, afterwards it's getting pointless and people there are somewhat weird...

Anonymous said...

I found this article by searching for "second life weird" nuff said.

Anonymous said...

commenting on 2012 ! you were totally spot on then, it was and it still is weird.

Anonymous said...

As a woman all I get is stupid "want to Skype, want to see me masturbate, hey look at my penis pictures, want to meet and fuck"
so annoying