Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Big Apple

Regent St, London

Mars brilliant Believe campaign has hit a snag. Apparently the marketers forgot that the thing is distributed in Scotland as well, and now the haggis munchers are urging a boycott of the bar. It's hard to believe your national team will win the World Cup if you're not even in the tournament.

The guys at Apple know how to do it properly. I reckon the new Apple store in Regent St is the best example ever of a company bringing a brand to life. Mac heads everywhere, with their Macs, talking to heaps of Mac staff about all things Mac. Upstairs there's a small auditorium where workshops are run every hour on all the different applications. They've sold me....it's the first thing I'm buying when I'm back in town.

Why is it that Apple is targeting the same market as Coke and doing it so much better? Everything about Apple appears classy....the ads, the style, the fonts, the attitude, product benefits.

Apple invents the amazing Apple Store. Coke launches a new product with something called The Coke Zero Movement. It was the Scottish Believe Mars Bar.

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